Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yeng rocks it with the best of them

Many initially dismissed Yeng Constantino as a rocker. After all, being a product of a reality show did nothing to enhance her street cred, especially among young rock aficionados.
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Little by little, and with unwavering patience, Yeng proved that she can rock it out with the rest and best of them with her slew of hit songs such as “Hawak Kamay”, “If We Fall In Love”, “Lapit” and “Jeepney Love Story”.
Recently, Yeng was tapped to headline the performers for the launch of Academy of Rock, a music school from Singapore that has just opened a branch here in Manila. More than a music institution, it provides a conducive environment for students to build and develop their character, inspire creativity, and forge lasting relationships through the process of learning.
We spoke to Yeng right after her performance for the launch.
That was such a rockin’ performance from you. I’ve noticed that you’ve matured so much as a performer.
Wow, salamat po.
To what can you credit this?
Siguro I’m more comfortable now onstage. I’ve been performing since I was young but only at small venues and among friends. My experience entering the business has helped me a lot. 
What can you say about the Academy of Rock?
It’s so cool that there’s now such a music school here in Manila. Ako kasi, I had to join a reality show and all to learn more about music and the business. But now, here’s this school with teachers who are internationally certified to conduct music lessons. Exciting talaga. I also saw the performers from their Singapore school and ang gagaling nila! And Theron Lim [son of the owners of the school] was so good! Thirteen years old lang siya at ang galing niya! He’s the youngest drummer I know! [Laughs]
Well, I heard that the 13-year-old bassist has a crush on you!
Totoo?!?! [Laughs]
But, seriously, how’s your lovelife?
Well, I’m not seeing anyone now.
Before you were a little wary about dating men.
Now I’m ready! Of age naman na ako eh. [Laughs] Mas-open ako now sa mga nanliligaw. I would like to think I’m more ready now as compared to before. My parents are more understanding, too.
But are you dating anyone?
I hang out with friends. I want to know someone first before I enter into a relationship. Because if you start out as friends, parang wala nang pretentions. ’Yun mga best foot forward na drama. You’ll see each other for who you are and I think that’s a strong foundation for a relationship.
Do you see anyone among your friends as a potential boyfriend?
Naku, hindi ko iniisip na ganun. Darating din ’yan. You don’t have to rush into anything.


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